WordPress ScalabilityBecause WordPress is a free open source platform, the question of scalability is always a concern. Will your site be able to handle a sudden traffic spike? If you create the right environment, you can definitely have a WordPress site that is scalable and able to handle any amount of traffic.

Some of the key ways to appropriately scale a WordPress site is by creating a suitable and sustainable development environment, effective horizontal scaling, caching, and query performance. Design-wise, WordPress can be used as a simple blogging website using a built-in theme or can be scaled to have a complex and sophisticated design structure using complex tools.*

I have to build a number of Wholesale e-commerce sites as well as online magazine style sites. When it comes to how big the site is and how it performs comes down to how it’s built, how the cache is handled and where it’s hosting. I have had clients flip out and attack my design just because the site was slow. I ALWAYS suggest my clients get either a dedicated VPS or a Managed WordPress web host.

WordPress itself has a great set up for a custom post types, internal search, and large-scale sites. This is why WordPress sites perform well in SEO as well as membership websites and directories. Those type of sites have started to migrate more and more to WordPress but there is still this idea where cheap shared hosting is someone “Good Enough” solution and its all up top the internal coding to make the site faster. That is flawed much like how “Good Enough” would never have worked for Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Lebron James. If you want to have a truly successful website that is also complex, needs to be future ready, and scalable getting the best hosting is ultimately going to pay you back in better user experience, better search rank and the server resources to power your hardcore demands.

I always recommend WP Engine they have great resources, SSL security and a handy mechanism for creating development versions of your site for planning and launching updates. If you want more control or you have a multi-site network a Dedicated Server, VPS or Semi-Dedicated hosting solution might be the right fit. Just like not all businesses are created equal not all host is and that’s why Kemble Cloud offers a number of solutions. We even offer very cheap shared hosting for small blogs or landing page style sites. But when it comes to the question of Scalable and WordPress a cheap shared hosting service is going to give you crashes and sluggish performance when you get spikes in traffic or as your site grows in volume and resources they need.


*Source WP Engine